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Wunderman - New York

Colby Webb

Chief Marketing Officer

Colby manages marketing and new business efforts at Wunderman New York, leading the agency’s goals in achieving creative and strategic alignment, marketing the office and talent to consultant communities, creating an outreach program to proactively manage Wunderman’s reputation among client organizations and prospects and developing a new “business winning” culture. 

She has over 17 years of marketing expertise, working across numerous brands. As the worldwide director of marketing at TBWA, Colby spearheaded the new business process for global and regional pitches including Sprint, Aquafresh, GE and Accenture. It was the Accenture win that led Colby back to client business, for which she assumed leadership upon client request and established the client relationship during the critical first 90 days, the conception of the relaunched brand strategy and the vision across all business units. 

Colby began her career on the creative side as an art director for worldwide brands such as Mars, Crest and the NFL.